Thursday, January 10, 2013

How This Mom Judges Restrooms

It's funny how I look at things differently now.

I judge restrooms in a completely new fashion.  Yes, cleanliness is still the greatest factor, and I still hate those noisy Xeleron hand dryers and much prefer a good, absorbent paper towel.  And I still think that paper towel dispensers are mounted much too low on the stall walls.

But, all that aside, there's new, bigger, more important features I'm looking for in restrooms today.

First, it needs to be big enough to accommodate my large travel-system vehicle.  I drive the SUV of strollers, so there's nothing worse than feeling like I must squeeze it into the only available parking spot which is reserved for compact cars.

Second, it needs to have a sturdy and clean fold-away changing table. 

Third, the placement of that changing table ought to make sense with regard to the traffic flow in said restroom.  I don't want to feel cramped, awkwardly pressing myself against the wall so that the woman in the stall behind me can get out.

Fourth, there should be a trash can within shooting range of that changing table so that I don't have to step even an inch away from Liam (and to spare me the embarrassment of having missed).

Finally, the restroom should proudly display its accommodations for all to see with a sign, as pictured.  Oh, what instant relief I feel when I see the gentle eyes of those cartoon koalas! 

The best restroom we've encountered so far featured a mahogany (just kidding) wooden table, complete with a neat pile of paper towels, a dispenser of hand sanitizer, and basket of extra diapers, just in case.  I really wanted to personally thank the woman who set up that bathroom for her thoughtfulness and obvious vocation to motherhood!