Thursday, January 10, 2013

Visiting the Gorman Gang for Christmas!

It was great getting together with my father's side of the family for Christmas.  My Aunt Carolyn served up a bountiful selection of delicious dishes, and all of us enjoyed watching old home movies that my Uncle Rich had converted from Super 8 film and VHS to DVD.

I am so proud of my cousins Steve, Greg, Nick, and Brad.  All four of them are so intelligent, so driven to succeed, so respectful, and so thoughtful!  Steve is a senior in college, and Greg is a junior.  Nick is in high school, and Brad is in middle school.  Oh, how I wished we lived closer to them so that I would get to see them more often!

They all LOVED little Liam.  :)

Zoe the dog was SO ATTENTIVE toward Liam.  It was her first time ever seeing a baby!  She was so interested in everything that little Liam did!  She even closely watched me change his diaper.

If Liam made the slightest whimper, Zoe the dog immediately came to his aide.