Saturday, January 26, 2013

Lovin' the Ergo!

I'm loving the ErgoBaby carrier. 

Most of the time, I wear Liam in it when we're going for walk or when I just want to have the fun of feeling him close to me, while walking around the house.

Sometimes it's just easier to pop into a store with him strapped to me this way, rather than bother with lifting out his heavy car seat and unpacking the stroller.

He snuggles into me and gets cozy, and within a short period of time he's usually fast asleep.

The warmth of his little body against mine feels great in these wintery cold months.

I'm so grateful to have a baby at this time of year because--when the weather changes and it starts to get hot--he'll be crawling away from me anyhow!  Then both the weather and my son will be prime for backyard explorations!

But until then, we savor. 

Savor, savor, savor every moment!