Saturday, January 26, 2013

Belly Time with Daddy, Pilate Time with Grandpa!

OK, I admit it.  I've neglected to do enough "belly time" with our son. 

I don't know if it's that I hold him too much or read him too many books or give him too many baths.  But I honestly just always FORGET about belly time.  There are too many other things to do during the day, like stroller walks and listening music or playing with toys.

So, Liam's daddy is helping me to correct that.  Every day when he gets home from work, Michael spends some quality time with his son, having him do belly time.  The activity is meant to strengthen a baby's arms and shoulders to prepare him for crawling.

Liam's been doing such a great job with it that his grandfather has decided to take the activity one step further by doing an adult-level exercise: pilates.

Having once been in a pilates class myself, I know how hard it is to lay on your belly while raising both arms and both legs off the ground.  It certainly develops your abs!

Liam did a great job!!  He made doing pilates look like a cake walk!