Saturday, January 26, 2013


Every year, I get VERY EXCITED about the March for Life.  Every year, I HOPE to go because I once went and loved every second of it.

It's like a giant Catholic party where you somehow manage to run into everyone you know, even though there's 600,000 people in attendance.  And although we gather for a somber reason, there is a joy that radiates through all of us when we are in such fellowship for such a beautiful cause.

I almost dragged Liam to the March this year.  What could be better than to bring a beloved baby to a march that is all about protecting them?  But then I thought better about it and didn't.  It's cold out there.  And he is only a 4-month-old, after all.

So instead, we woke up early and watched the coverage of it on EWTN.  We watched all day, which is very unlike us, since I don't prefer the television to be on during the day.  I wanted so much to spot my friends in the crowds, for dozens of them were going today.  Incredibly, though, I did spot my dear friend Meg!  It helped that she wore a bright pink coat and texted me a photograph of what she looked like so that my eyes could more easily scan the crowd for her.

One fun thing I noticed about EWTN's coverage is that the reporters stopped every mother that they saw carrying baby or pushing one in a stroller.  I suppose there were few mothers who took their children out to brave these elements, and so they were particularly precious to view on camera as they walked by.  Perhaps if Liam and I had gone, we would have been interviewed, too! 

Instead, Liam stayed cozy on the couch, wrapped in a fuzzy warm blanket.  As I watched him drift peacefully into his afternoon nap, I thanked God for our lives and prayed for the 55 million babies that were lost this past year due to abortion.  Oh, God, please help us!