Friday, January 11, 2013

My New ErgoBaby Carrier!

Today my new ErgoBaby carrier arrived in the mail!   Yes, I finally broke down and got one. 

I had searched far and wide to hopefully fine one at a consignment shop, but I had no such luck.  Perhaps, though, this was a good sign: mommies are keeping them or loaning them to friends because maybe they're just too good to give away!

They're expensive little buggers, but my mommy friends haven't stopped reminding me of what I'm missing out on!  You can wear your child on the front, on the hip, or on your back.  It's both ergonomic and pragmatic!

I chose the original style in this comfy khaki cotton canvas.  Thankfully, I purchased it with gift cards to Babies R Us, which we received at my baby shower this past Summer.  I had been holding onto them, unsure of what our greatest need would be once our child was born.  But this, I figured, was now worth the price.  After all, we've saved a lot of money using consignment shops for other things.  And, Liam's getting bigger and needs a little more wiggle room, which this baby carrier seems to offer. 

If you're a mommy that uses an ErgoBaby, please leave a comment and tell me how you and your child like it!