Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Our Annual Family Photo by the Red Mill

The Goddards have a tradition of getting an annual photo each Winter while standing on the bridge that overlooks the beautiful Raritan River, with the Red Mill in the background.  Here we are, all freezing but all very happy to be together!

The Red Mill is a historic landmark in the little town of Clinton, NJ.  The building dates back to 1810.  Today it is a museum, but it was formerly a place where wool was made and where flour, graphite, and talc was ground.

The Raritan River is special to our love story.  It was on another, close-by bridge over the Raritan River that Michael first made mention of marriage to me, as we walked over it hand-in-hand in the late Summer of 2010.  I remember crying so joyfully and hugging him so tightly when he told me that, right there in the middle of the bridge, under a beautiful canopy of nighttime stars.

And it was on this exact bridge (the one pictured above) that he told me that I ought to start thinking about engagement ring designs.  I was so excited that I wanted to climb that mountain behind the Red Mill and scream it from the mountain tops!  But, I knew that it was our little secret to keep for many months longer until he officially proposed.  Oh, what beautiful memories!  My Heaven on Earth was just beginning.  :)