Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Serving Christ in Two Ways

Right now, I can see nothing, since the room is totally black.  All I hear is the little sounds of Liam breathing and the big, deep sounds of our dog snoring.

It's cold and dark outside, and we're all cuddled up for a mid-Winter nap while the dinner is cooking and we await Daddy's return from a long day at work.

I, obviously, don't sleep during this time.

I'm too interested in savoring this precious moment, realizing how privileged I am to be here, holding my son in the crook of my arm, with no place to be and nothing to do except to love him.

I can hear God telling me to enjoy these sweet moments of relaxation with my son for one day this time will pass us by.   Liam will become older and more independent, and I will be called back to the daily grind of work outside the home.  As a human being with a capable body, I realize that I am designed for work (and to serve God by doing it), and soon enough I will be challenged by the rest of what life asks of me.

But for now, I am called to serve Christ in two distinct and beautiful ways.  I serve Him in his infancy as the Christ-child, in the form of an itty-bitty, wiggly needy baby who relies on me for everything.  And I serve Him as an adult, in the form of my husband, the man I am called to walk beside and lead to holiness.

Loving Christ in His infancy doesn't seem like work at all to me.  And loving Him through my husband Michael is something I will never tire of!

Thank you, God, for calling me to this.