Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Our Little Jumping Bean

Shortly after Christmas, we unpacked one of the baby shower gifts I received from my Aunt Tess and Uncle Fred:  a Fisher Price Jumparoo. 

Liam absolutely loved it, and within a day or two, he was ferociously jumping up and down in it for up to an hour at a time!  What a cardiovascular workout!  And there was no stopping him, even when I offered to take him out for another activity.  Just look at his excited little face!

We came to find out later, though, (at Liam's 4-month check-up) that our pediatrician prefers that Liam spend no more than 10 minutes a day in it.  She'd rather that his arms strengthen before his legs do.  So, she offered to us other physical activities that we can do with Liam until he is old enough to sit up on his own.

We were sad to take the toy away from him, but he was very understanding (most likely because he hasn't developed the concept of object permanence yet).  Don't worry, Little Liam.  This fun toy will be resurrected when you are 6 months old!