Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ringing in 2013

I love the memories that I have of ringing in the new year with Michael.

Our first new year's eve together was the most impressive.  He took me to New York City to welcome 2011, if you remember.  And his military status got us past all the barricades and into the sweetest part of the city, right there in the center, where we could touch the building that held the ball, if we walked across the street.  It was something I had hoped to do my whole life, so it was an absolute dream come true.  I'll never forget it.

Our second new year's eve together was the most tender.  Our 2012 started off with a private Midnight Mass, with just our friends in attendance in a tiny chapel that is no longer used any more (unless, of course, you know a priest who has a key).  We loved beginning the year with our focus on Jesus and our hearts reserving a tiny, blessed secret that only the two of us knew: I was pregnant with Liam, and we had just found out that morning.  Oh, how our hearts were soaring!  It was an incredible feeling to know ahead of time just how magical 2012 would be for all of our family in welcoming this child!

Our third new year's eve together was the most relaxed.  We welcomed 2013 from the comfort of home, surrounded by Michael's family, half of us in our pajamas and all of us feeling the warmth of the fireplace.  Most importantly, we welcomed the new year with our precious new son, who woke up right when the clock struck twelve and the happy commotion began, us showering him with kisses and hugs and love.

We welcome 2013 with joyful, open arms and accept whatever God give us in the year ahead!