Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Our New Ford Escape!

Santa had one last Christmas gift to give us this season:  a black Ford Escape!

It has heated leather seats, a moon roof, a free subscription to satellite radio, and is all-wheel drive.

And it was truly a surprise.

To make a long story short, to spare you of the nitty-gritty details, and to protect the identity of a certain particular business, it will suffice to say that Michael and I were unhappy with the Nissan Xterra we bought back in September.  It's not that the Xterra is a bad vehicle; it's just that this particular one was.

To remedy the problem, we decided to march back to the dealership, outline our complaints, and then demand either a full refund or another vehicle altogether.  We had done our homework, for we were up until 2:30 AM the night before.

Still, it seemed like a long shot.

We dressed up sharply for the occasion, got our game faces on, and even did a three-person huddle before we left the house, our fists pumping in the air while we chanted, "Go Team Goddard!"

It was intense.  With furrowed brows and careful eyes, we spent seven hours at that dealership, climbing a chain of command, negotiating what we could, re-examining paperwork, and--eventually--choosing something new from the lot.

Our little blue-eyed boy was amazing.  He quickly got used to the routine of visiting the restroom for a diaper change.  He knew how to nurse quietly and not interrupt while Mom and Dad talked about important stuff.  He kept himself occupied with the one and only toy I remembered to pack.  And, during those brief moments where the office desk wasn't full of paperwork, he laid down and stretched out on its surface, his giggly smiles and silly wiggles reminding us that we had a beautiful family life to get back to as soon as we could.