Sunday, January 20, 2013

Still a Girl's Best Friend

I think Macy's looks are so striking.  She's a purebred with such classic golden retriever beauty.  Her color is so perfect and her profile is so handsome.  Even her gait is stately to me.   I find myself proud to be trotting along beside her when we go on our walks.

The Golden Retriever will always be the #1 dog breed in my book!  And Macy will always be my #1 dog!  She can read me on a level that no human being can.  Her intuitive nature and social intelligence are superior!  But many people wouldn't guess this because she has such a humble, passive nature.

I notice that I am her constant muse.  She watches me so closely.  She has studied me for so long now that I swear she can hear my thoughts.  And I love it that way.  :)