Saturday, January 26, 2013

The ABC Sweater

There was a brief time in my life where I wanted to wear absolutely everything that my mother did.  What she wore, I envied.  What she loaned me, I treasured.

I hadn't developed my own sense of style yet, but this emulation of my mother was the beginning of it.  I was a mere adolescent, and surviving middle school was my goal.

Finally, my body was the same size as hers, so we were clothes-sharing like sisters, shopping together with my aunt and swapping things in and out of each other's closets.  There were certain pieces I was absolutely tied to, like that light blue and white striped T-shirt which I wore through the Winter even though I froze.

And then there was the ABC sweater.  Now that was a big deal.

In the few times that Mom wasn't wearing it and it wasn't in the hamper, I got to wear it to school.  I can remember gripping my pen carefully, knowing that one careless drop would mean an ink stain on this beloved sweater.  I wore it on non-gym days so that I wouldn't have to part with it and risk someone stealing it from my gym locker during the 30 minutes that I attempted kickball.

Yes, that is how my little middle school mind thought of it.  You can see that I am much the same type of dorky person today.  :)

Mom found the ABC sweater the other day, and I recalled it fondly.  Neither one of us could bear to wear it, nor part with it in our donation to Goodwill.  It would have to stay behind and I would have to memorialize it with a picture and a loving blog post.  And now I have.  :)