Saturday, January 26, 2013

Learning to Be a Student

Our little Liam sure is getting ample opportunities to learn how to be a good student.  He is currently enrolled in TWO adult-level faith-formation classes, one happening every Tuesday night and the other happening every Wednesday morning. 

It's like he skipped past the flannel board stage of Bible story telling and went straight to studying the catechism!

This week, along with my parents and me, he even attended an exercise class for senior citizens at our local hospital.  It's a class that my parents attend every week, and they were eager to show their grandson off to their friends.

In the photo above, Liam is with his favorite teacher, Father Pang Tcheou.  (Father just loved Liam's cassock-wearing priest doll!)
Liam seems to enjoy the classes he attends.   I'm noticing that his eyes are learning how to focus on the teacher of each of these classes and to follow the teacher with his eyes as that person moves about the room.  It is so neat to see!

Perhaps he is drawn to them because they are the only person speaking during formal instruction, but regardless, he knows that the teacher commands the attention of the group.  He is learning how to learn, by listening intently.  :)