Sunday, February 03, 2013

He must love chocolate.

OK, so we're trying to exclusively breastfeed.  The hope is to wait until 6 months or so before we introduce other foods and tastes.

But, without trying, Liam has successfully tasted a few things.  Doritos.  French fries.  Chocolate.  Oops.

Let me explain.

When my young cousin Brad held him at Christmastime, Liam got his first taste of something other than breastmilk.  It was an unintended taste of Doritos from the orange residue that was all over Brad's hands!  Oops!  No wonder our boy was eagerly licking them!

Then in the month of January, when Michael and I were out on a date, Liam's little fingers stole TWO French fries from my plate with one swift grab.  I fought for them back and quickly won, but Liam triumphed in the salty taste that was on his little paws before his mama could wipe them clean.

Then yesterday, as I prepared a tall glass of chocolate milk for myself, I noticed that I had spilled a little on my sleeve.  I stared at the stain, pondering whether an immediate clean-up was necessary or if I could just ignore the chocolate and let the washer take care of it later.

I chose the latter.

And I snapped a photo of the stain, just in case.

This was the reason:  I deliberately considered the very realistic possibility that, before this day was done, the little chocolate syrup stain would be gone, thanks to none other than Liam himself.  He sucks on everything these days, his sleeves and mine chief among them.

I knew the risk I was taking in leaving the chocolate there, and yet I took it.  I hope you don't think I'm a bad mama.  Maybe I was kinda curious to see what would happen.

The day went on, and I honestly FORGOT to notice if Liam ever sucked on my sleeve.  But it's very likely that he did.  Both of us are used to having damp wrists, and mine was damp in an area that was about the size of his mouth.  And, most of all, the little chocolate syrup stain was GONE!

Our clever little boy sure knows how to clean up!