Monday, February 04, 2013


On the day that Liam was born, God had run out of freckles.

It was unfortunate, but it was just how it was.  Liam was born on Labor Day Weekend, after all, and God hadn't named it Labor Day Weekend for nothing.  Lot of babies had been born and the quantity of available freckles had dwindled.

We know this because Liam's skin was a clear milky white.  Shortly after he was born, I searched all over his precious little body to find one, but there was not a freckle to be had!  Liam was a clear, blank canvas.

There was a little voucher tucked between the pages of the baby care instruction manual (which I birthed out just before the placenta), entitling us to free freckles whenever they became available.  Currently, they were on back order.  And we apologize for the inconvenience, the card said.

I had kept the voucher with all the user manuals and product registration cards which we have acquired from each of Liam's Fisher Price toys.

Two weeks ago, I remembered the little freckles voucher, so I filled it out and mailed it off, wondering if any would available now.  I also wondered how the freckles would be delivered.  Would they arrive by UPS?  Or does God prefer FedEx? 

Then I wondered how we'd get the freckles on Liam.  Would they be dabbed on with a little paintbrush?  Or would I sprinkle them on, like little granules of pepper?  Perhaps they would come on a sticker sheet, and I would peel them off and adhere them to his skin.  The logistics baffled me.

But this past Thursday morning, when we woke up, there was nothing more to worry about.  A Freckle Angel must have visited during the night!  Liam had his first beautiful freckle, placed lovingly atop his head.  It was right in the center, as if he had been crowned with it for having been so patient in waiting.

With excitement, I searched the rest of his little body for more.  But there was none.  The lone freckle on the top of his head was the only freckle we got.