Thursday, February 07, 2013

Our Adoration Hour!

For the past 3 weeks, Liam and I have been enjoying a weekly holy hour with Our Lord on Thursday afternoons. 

A time slot had opened up at our parish due to an elderly woman passing away.  When the notification appeared in our church bulletin and I asked Liam what he thought of it, he smiled and squealed joyfully -- and I just could not say no to him!

So, every Thursday afternoon, we tip-toe into God's house and put down a little blanket at the back of the church.  I try to keep Liam facing the altar as much as possible, but I bring plenty of quiet toys and teethers to keep him occupied.

I think the holy hour is really benefiting us.  An hour of quiet prayer and reflection certainly rejuvenates me.  It helps me to recall in detail all the things I am thankful to God for, and it helps me to remember to pray for the intentions of my friends and family members.  Liam is surprisingly silent throughout the whole hour, as if he somehow knows that we're on hallowed ground.  Most importantly, this hour reminds me to take the time out of my schedule of being a wife and mother to just enjoy being God's daughter.