Friday, February 15, 2013

Our Catechism Class Photo!

Just look at the crowd that Father Tcheou draws each week to his catechism class!  I think I counted 57 faces. 

When Father first presented the course syllabus to us (each of us receiving a beautiful, 3-ring binder that was full of gorgeous hand-outs, I might add), I was astounded by his aspirations.  Could that much content be covered in a 1.5-hour class?  I didn't think it was possible.

But indeed, he has no trouble.  He is an excellent teacher--very theological and knowledgeable--and he manages to cover a breadth and depth of our faith that keeps us coming back for more.  He's been teaching this weekly evening course since November, and I hope he never stops!

Can you find my mother, Liam, and I in the photo?  Here's a hint:  Liam is sitting on the lector's ambo, and he is distracting a man in the front row!