Friday, February 15, 2013

Our Mornings

This is my handsome husband, getting ready for work. 

He's brushing his teeth.

I'm hiding in the dark hallway, pajama-clad with camera in hand, wanting to remember how handsome he looks before he puts on his peacoat and heads out the door. 

Those girls in the office are lucky, I tell him, for they get to look at him all day!

Each morning, I get up when he does, in order to pack his lunch, warm up his car, check the forecast, chat with him, and hopefully make the day begin a little easier.

It still feels weird staying home and not going into work myself.  But then I remember that I was up at 12:30 AM for a feeding and then again at 3:15, followed by an emergency clean-up bath, promptly at 5 AM, for the poop had exploded everywhere in Liam's pajamas. 

In fact, when Michael stepped into the bathroom for his shower at 5:15, he was surprised to find us there, occupying the tub, with all the apparatuses that such an endeavor entails.  Amid the chaos of wash cloths, bath towels, baby wash, a little rubber seat, a plastic tub, a spongy whale thing for my knees, and a few rubber duckies, Liam gave a big, wide smile to his daddy when he walked in the door, all sleepy and still somewhat incoherent. 

These are our mornings.  And I couldn't be happier with them!