Friday, February 15, 2013

Plush Produce

I couldn't resist buying The Little Shopper Set when I saw it online the other day.

You know that I looooove fake food.  And since we're not quite ready for real food just yet, plush produce seems to be the perfect thing for my son to savor right now.  Yum, yum, yum!

The banana makes a delightful crinkle sound when you peal it.  The apple makes the most peaceful chime.  The orange can be "sliced" in half and makes a fun shaker sound.  Each leaf of the cabbage makes a crinkle sound as well, and the carton of milk can be opened up to reveal a mirror!

And while all these foods are yummy and healthy, I couldn't resist adding an extra special treat which I picked up from Pottery Barn Kids.  :)  It's a chocolate donut with icing and sprinkles!

It cracks me up how the cabbage is cozying up behind Liam's ear.  That's his favorite piece from the set.  The thing I love about this little stage of Liam's life is that--if a toy gets out of his reach--he's helpless to get it back.  So he will make this little high-pitched cry, lasting only a moment, to signal to me that he'd please like some help in getting it back within reach.  That pesky cabbage head had hid herself behind his ear several times before I finally thought that we ought to take a picture.  So silly!