Monday, March 18, 2013

An Evening of Music

This weekend we welcomed Michael's brother's family to the house for an evening of musical entertainment.  The concerto began in the late afternoon and continued past sundown.  Tickets were $20, but family could get in free. 

Maeve played for us her beautiful rendition of Mozart's "Piano Sonata #8 in C Minor."  Simply gorgeous.

During the brief intermission, I checked the piano to make sure it was in tune.
Natalie played for us her version of Chopin's "Etude in E Major."  It was brilliant.

Obviously young and inexperienced, Liam could only play the first 8 notes of Beethoven's "Fur Elise."  Natalie enriched his work by playing corresponding chords.  What talented children we have in this family!

Terry and Cindy, loving the concerto the kids performed for us.

Natalie was willing to meet with the press, shortly after her performance.

Maeve graciously signed autographs after the show.

Chef Cindy served up homemade pizza.  Yes, even that dough was made from scratch!

Look at that caramelized cheese!  It was delicious.
Cindy let me wear her pink cardigan for the photo.  :)

Too excited and happy to hold still!
And I'm just teasing about the pink cardigan.  I had my own.  :)

Hope your weekend was just as fun.