Monday, March 04, 2013

Best Mom Blogger Ever

I feel like I should call her my friend, although she doesn't know me at all.  But I think I'll go ahead and do it anyway because, gosh, I know her so well.  I read her blog religiously.  Hers is, by far, the best mom blog out there.  Whenever I read her postings, I come away feeling amped up about motherhood, marriage, friendships, and life in general.  She's the most positive person I've ever not-met-yet.

Although she's an experienced mama with two little girls and two grown step-sons, she just gave birth to her first baby boy.  My heart feels so many of the same emotions that she so eloquently puts into words.  With every emotion she feels, she lifts it up into something beautiful.  She dances through life, knowing that the greenest grass is right there under her toes.  She relishes the present.  She makes life beautiful for her husband and children.  And she never once speaks about getting old or aging.  Yes, that is how graceful her beauty is, and that is how internal it goes.

If she doesn't mind, I might occasionally repost some of her simple-yet-profound insights to this blog, giving her credit whenever I do, of course.

Kelle Hampton, you're a top-notch mama.  And, this, what you recently shared, deserved re-posting:

"You don't have to go an extra mile to create imaginative memories for kids--an inch is all it takes.  A lunch becomes a picnic when you add a blanket.  A nail painting session becomes a spa night when you throw some cucumber slices in the mix.  Dinner becomes a dinner party when everyone wears a hat.  Cooking becomes a "cooking show" when you describe every step while you stir (and do it in a British accent!).  A living room dance becomes a Carnegie Hall performance when you shine a flashlight on the dancer.  Grocery shopping becomes an adventure when you stop to talk to the lobsters.  And life becomes Enjoying the Small Things when you dare to take a different perspective.  By golly, have fun." 

Yes, folks, this friend of mine is worth knowing.  :)