Monday, March 04, 2013

He's Driving a Prius

A moment ago, I put Liam in his first-ever cloth diaper.  (Fingers crossed that he doesn't poop!)

Target is selling them now, so I was able to buy just one to give it a try.  Twenty bucks didn't need a firm commitment.

But this isn't the cloth diaper from years ago.  No, no, this is a hybrid, I'm told.  I guess that means he's sitting in a Prius!

Apparently, this cloth diaper can be reusable when it wants to be or disposable if it needs to be.  It's like sorta environmental, but sorta not.  Like those throw-away or keep containers from Ziploc, you won't be devastated if you have to part with it.  (Of course, it's doubtful that anyone will be asking to borrow your kid's poopy diaper.)

The liner inserts can be either washed again or trashed.  Your choice.  I guess it depends on baby's output.  And how badly you're feeling for the environment at that moment.  Or whether or not it's Mommy or Daddy who's changing you.

You see, Michael is decidedly unsupportive.  I'm on my own in this adventure, he says.  Before Liam was born, he was definitely on-board with cloth diapering to save us a buck or two, but his thoughts have radically changed.  It all stems from FEAR.

"Have you SEEN what comes out of his butt?!" he asks me.  And then he reminds me that we have only ONE washing machine, and that's where we wash our clothes!  I think he's afraid that he'll get poop on his work shirts or something.  Admittedly, it's a valid concern.

I'm married to a logistician, so he naturally thinks about process-efficiency.  And he's skeptical about where those poopy diapers will go before they're enough to be a load of wash.  I admit that I haven't thought that one through yet.  He also has deep-seated fears about me forgetting to move the wet diapers from the washer to the dryer, meaning that the potential of us waking up one morning and having no dry diapers to use is possible.

I'll let you know how it goes.  Give us about an hour.  :)