Wednesday, March 06, 2013

It's Almost Here

Spring is only nine days away!

That means you have just enough time to begin that novena that you always wanted to!  :)

And, on the first day of Spring, this little blog is going to sprout a new leaf.

Whether that little leaf withers into a crumpled bunch or bursts out another bud which yields a strong new tree limb, it will be a natural progression.

And I trust that God will let happen whatever is meant to be.  This thought brings me peace.

In an effort to contribute financially to my family, I've decided to monetize my blog.

This doesn't mean that my writing will be any less honest, revealing, reflective, or transparent.  I promise you, it won't be any less me.

It just means that I will accept sponsorship.  I will occasionally do product reviews.  God-willing, perhaps one day there will even be weekly giveaways.  (I'm on pins and needles!)

But unlike other mom blogs that do similarly, I hope that my blog will feature (among practical, fun, and creative things) Catholic things.  Things that inspire us.  Things that turn our thoughts to God.  Things that make our walk following Christ a little more joyful.  Just as it should be.  :)

Please pray with me, dear readers, that this blog may more fully serve the body of Christ (that's you!  that's me!) as hopefully more of His Will comes to be in our lives through it.

And now for the nitty-gritty details, for those of you who might want to participate:

// Stats
Nearly 5 years of archived posts.  30,356 total views.  1,794 posts.  Approximately 30 posts a month.  65-100 hits a day.   1,858 views last month.

// Audience Breakdown by Country

// Readers' Viewing Methods

// Promotion
I have spots open for swap or sidebar-only ads, available to blogs with a similar readership as my own.  If you are interested, please email me at

// Advertisement
If you are a company or handmade shop and would like a product review or giveaway opportunity, again please email me at the address above.

// Payment
Let's start simple.  We'll begin with FREE swap ads.  Let's do $1 sidebar ads, payable to me through PayPal.  To begin, I'll do product reviews for free.  :)