Saturday, March 02, 2013

Making the Bed

Before Michael met me, he used to have a very crisply-made bed.  The sheets, pillows, and quilt were positioned just so.  Everything was tightly tucked.  Perhaps it was because of his military background, but he was impeccable at making a finished bed look perfect.  The corners were a sharp 90 degrees that would cut your leg if you walked by too close.

When we married, there was a big discussion about whether or not the bed should be made every day.  It was very important to Michael, but I figured, "Why bother?!" since we'd be getting back into it in a few hours anyway.  We eventually reached a compromise.  While the bed does get made on a daily basis now (usually by me), it's done rather loosely.  There's no crazy-tight, under-the-mattress tucking.  My claustrophobia has waned.

But now that Liam has entered our lives, our loosely-made bed is getting even more lackadaisical.  This is because I've started making the bed with Liam IN it.  Perhaps I ought to stop, but when you know you've got a routine that will send your 6-month-old into a fit of giggles, it's just so hard to resist it.  :)

I throw the sheets into the air, brush them over his face, and together we play giant-sized version of peek-a-boo.  Liam wiggles and giggles and stirs up the sheets and blanket with his happy squeals.  And then I pick him up and we're done, leaving a little impression of a certain little someone.

Making the bed has never been so much fun.  :)