Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Questions

Wow, it looks like my crazy idea to feature on here some of my single Catholic friends is going over swimmingly!  My phone has been buzzing all morning with texts from people who want to be next.  Thanks, Meg, for starting a trend!  And thanks, Mark, for begging me to come up with better questions.  Haha.  Hope you like these.

If you wish to be featured, please answer just four questions that correspond to your gender.  Send your answers, along with an attached photo of yourself, to me at MichaelAndLisaGoddard@gmail.com.  Here they are:

Unfortunately, at this time, I cannot post profiles of people whom I do not know in real life.  I feel convicted that I should only feature people that I really know and really like.  So, if I've met you in person and we've hung out, you qualify.  If our paths haven't crossed yet or have only done so digitally, invite us over for dinner!  :)