Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Today's Feature: Meg!

I love my friends.  They're almost as crazy as I am.  :)

Today I'm featuring one of my all-time, absolute faves.

Her name is Meg, and she is one of the most thoughtful, hilarious, faithful, and social people that I know.

She's a true go-getter, whether it comes to her professional life or personal life.  She's always got a million fun things on the calendar.  Lots of people to see, lots of fun places to go.  Boy, does this girl travel!

Meg has an incredible amount of friends, and her popularity is for all the right reasons.  She's able to remember what's important to each of her friends, and she remembers to ASK about those things when she sees you. 

Every year, she remembers my birthday, our engagement anniversary, and our wedding anniversary!  And she remembers to ask about the very things that are on my heart.  It's like she can read my mind!

Family is very important to Meg, and she is an ever-loving, always-doting aunt.  She plans young adult retreats, can easily fill and whole beach house with lively people, and always manages to find someone she knows wherever she goes.  People are drawn to her because she radiates joy!

Incredibly, this girl's still single.  And it makes no sense to us.  Michael said to me the other day, "How can Meg be single?!  We've got to find her an awesome dude."  Amen.

Don't worry, gentlemen, despite her active social and professional schedule, she's not one of those I'm-too-busy-to-date types.  Meg is always up for a fun time, and she loves meeting new people.  Actually, she often has a lot of suitors.   But quantity isn't what satisfies.  She's looking for quality.  She's looking for that needle in the haystack.  She's looking for that one and only man who God has planned as her spouse.  And, as she waits with beauty and patience for God to reveal this man, she is living life to fullest.

This is why today, on the Feast of St. Joseph (who is a special patron to me for I know he helped me to find my husband), I've decided to feature Meg.  If you are an awesome single Catholic man or if you know of an awesome single Catholic man, email me at MichaelAndLisaGoddard@gmail.com.  I'll get ya connected to her. 

Our son Liam just couldn't get enough of Meg.  She's such a natural with kids!
In the meantime, let's look at how she responded to my interview questions:

1. What part of your life right now feels like a papal conclave of cardinals...and why?
I guess you could say that the part of my life that feels like a papal conclave of cardinals right now is my professional life.  Having taught for eight years before returning to school to work on my PhD has caused me to make a major change in my work and how I view myself.  I'm now a full time graduate student instead of the full time teacher I was in my previous life who now must seek the approval of my committee along the way as I complete my studies, my portfolio, and start my own line of research within the field of special education.  My conclave of sorts these days is my committee who determines whether or not I move forward with my dissertation plans putting me one step closer to graduation next May and when I take on my new role as college professor/researcher!

2.  Which decade of the Rosary best describes your personality?  Explain.
Hmm, I would probably say the Visitation from the Joyful Mysteries!  I've always loved the story of Mary going to Elizabeth when she found out she was with child and Elizabeth knowing instinctively that Mary was also expecting!!  Since I didn't have any sisters growing up, I imagined that having one would be much be like how Mary and Elizabeth interacted.  Even though Mary and Elizabeth were cousins, they shared a close bond that I imagined I would share with a sister had I had one.  This is one of the reasons why I chose Elizabeth as my Confirmation Saint as I've always been drawn to that name and saint.  Then, my twin brother grew up and married an Elizabeth, a woman I'm close to today.  The Visitation relates to my personality because I love to travel to see and visit with loved ones!

3.  If you had to pick one of the saints to be a house mate, who would you agree to live with...and why?
St. Francis of Assisi!  His love for humility, animals, and being examples of Our Father through peaceful living are inspiring to me.  St. Francis reminds us we should seek to walk in Jesus' footsteps always, which can be difficult to do in today's society.  There are many others I could talk about in this answer (e.g., St. Scholastica, Padre Pio, etc.) so this one was hard for me to narrow down!

4.  What is your LEAST favorite food?
Hmm...I'm not a huge seafood person although I do enjoy crab dip, shrimp, and fish and chips when I'm in the mood for those dishes.  I do love Mexican (as long as not too spicy), chicken, pizza, and pretty much will try anything once!

You can learn more about Meg by visiting her blog at Meg's Life, which she updates often.