Sunday, March 24, 2013

What the Hermit Crabs See

Few children are born into this world ALREADY having pets.  But our little Liam came home to THREE pets:  a golden retriever (who loves him to pieces) and two baseball-sized hermit crabs (Wilbur and Winfred).

A few weeks ago, I moved the hermit crabs into the nursery.  I positioned the tank near a heating vent so that they will stay toasty.  I hope little Liam doesn't mind the little nighttime sounds that come from these nocturnal cuties.  As the crabs walk, their legs squeak on the glass.  Random clunking sounds happen throughout the night as the clumsy Wilbur and Winfred fall off a rock or out of their water dish.  Liam seems quite used to their sounds.

Up until very recently, Macy slept in Liam's room, too.  During the night, she'd snore, burp, lick her paws, belch, and make other doggie noises.  Little Liam didn't seem to mind at all.  Incidentally, Macy moved back into our bedroom when Liam turned almost 6 months exactly.  (It's as if she knew that the likelihood of SIDS decreases after 6 months and that her breathing presence in the room was no longer needed!  What a smart girl.)

Hermit crabs have a much better sense of smell than they do vision.  So, to them, we probably appear to be quite blurry.  :)