Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Pilgrimage to St. Mary's

This past weekend, we joined our friends Juliana and Greg for a pilgrimage to historic St. Mary's in an effort to obtain a special plenary indulgence in this Year of Faith.

It was Divine Mercy Sunday, and we were excited to attend mass at a parish that is so loved by so many of our friends.  Channing was there, and so was Laurie and Matthew, with their two sons, Luke and Jonathan.  We had fun all sitting near each other.

There were others, too, that I recognized from a distance, but the music was starting and mass was beginning, and Oh-my-goodness-this-church-is-so-beautiful! 

Michael cringed when I held up my camera and snapped this photograph:

But now that it's here, you're glad that I did it, right?  :)

When Father Leo Goodman began his joyful sermon with, "He is risen!" it soon became apparent why so many people love this parish.  This priest does not preach at the pulpit; he comes down into the trenches with the rest of us, walking among us in the pews.  He spoke joyfully and vibrantly about how we are eternal beings made for eternal life with God!  Michael and I couldn't help but glance at each other and smile.  Amen!