Wednesday, April 10, 2013

hair loss.

I lost SOOOO much hair after Liam was born.  Globs and globs of it would come out during a shower, all of it wadding around the drain at the bottom of the tub.  It was so gross and so depressing.

I had heard that pregnancy hormones keep a woman's hair from falling out WHILE she is pregnant, and I had expected to lose some after delivery, but I just couldn't understand why it continued.   My hairline looked thinner, and I noticed the absence of newly sprouting short hairs that used to frame my forehead.

Eventually, I began to think that pregnancy had nothing to do with my continued hair loss and that instead I was being affected by old age, stress, and fatigue.  Blah.

But, praise God, somewhere between 5 and 6 months after delivery, things changed.  Less hair falls out.  New baby hairs are growing again.  And I'm giving credit to either my finally-stabilizing hormones or the re-introduction of my favorite shampoo: Matrix Biolage.