Thursday, April 18, 2013

Deb and Little David Come to Visit!

This week we were visited by my friend Deb and her little 3-year-old son David.  What fun we had hanging out here at the house!  We also enjoyed a lovely walk around the neighborhood with Macy. 

It was so cute to see how the boys interacted with each other.  David seemed to take extra care to make sure that Liam's needs were met, giving him voice when perhaps otherwise he might not be heard. 

"I think he'd like a toy," David would suggest.  Or, at other times, he'd say, "I think Liam wants one of my gummy fruit snacks."

Liam was just fascinated in watching David's every move.  David played with Liam's wooden train set on the floor while we mommies talked.  What a pleasant afternoon.  Let's do this again soon, Deb!