Thursday, April 18, 2013

Friday Family Night

Because life can feel so rushed and full lately, Michael and I have had to be deliberate in carving out time for just us.

We instituted a new routine to bring us more peace, calm, and togetherness.  We call it Friday Family Night!

Each Friday after dinner, we relax and do things together as a family.  Sometimes we'll just lay around on the floor and play with Liam.  Or together we'll give him a relaxing bath.  Or we'll play a board game.  Anything goes as long as it's just us!

The television stays off, the cell phones get silenced and docked, and our computers go into power-save mode.  We transport ourselves back into the 1980s, blowing off the dust and cracking open board games that we used to love from our childhood. 

This past Friday, we played this classic:

Thank you, God, for Friday Family Night.  May this family tradition of ours continue for many, many more years to come!