Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Our Golfing Husbands

Juliana and I have come to accept the fact that our husbands are downright addicted to golf.  Any chance that they get, they want to hit the green.

So, when Juliana suggested that we extend our Sunday afternoon hanging out together, Greg immediately piped up.  "Let's go golfing!" he suggested.  And Michael's day was just made.

Of course, we have our husbands well-trained.  They knew to ask our permission first, and both of them turned to us and begged.

Finally, we said yes--but only to 9 holes, not 18--and we knew that we'd at least get in some quality girl-time.  Joolies and I sat on our couch under blankets, talking about everything under the sun -- until we decided to surprise our husbands on the golf course, figuring they had to be done soon.  Nine holes would take only two or three hours instead of the four to six that 18 holes can.

When we found them at the 7th hole, they seemed to immediately light up.  Then the Showing Off began.  And if Joolies and I were too engrossed in our conversation to notice that one of them was about to drive the ball, they called out for us to watch.  Tee-hee.  :)  We loved it.

We must have been quite the sight to see that day -- two girls, a baby, and a large dog, following around a pair of golfers.  I couldn't believe it when Michael invited us out onto the green.  I thought for sure that bringing a dog onto these beautifully manicured lawns was probably a big no-no.  And was it really safe to bring a baby?!  Juliana and I had figured that we'd just be waving to them from a distance, and then we'd carry on our walk by the road.

But then I looked around and discovered this:  It was dusk, and we were the only ones out there.  The club house staff had closed up and gone home; all the other golfers had finished and were cleared out of the parking lot.  It was just us, and it was perfectly safe.  And when the guys got to the stage of putting only, I let Macy off the leash -- and she ran around with glee.

What a beautiful, beautiful night.