Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Supersize Me

This is the Petunia Pickle Bottom baby bag that Michael gave me for Easter!  Isn't it cute?

OK, so it's actually called their Weekender, which basically means that a girl ought to be able to live out of this thing for two or three days.  (I, of course, never could.)

This gets the award for being the LARGEST bag in my collection.  I dare say that I could easily tote Liam around in it, if I wanted to.  He could just curl up and take a nap in it.  And there'd still be plenty of room for everything else.

Michael said that my other diaper bag just wasn't cutting it.  He noticed that I'd never carry it alone; it always traveled with an array of plastic grocery bags which feebly carried my other essentials.  (This gives new meaning to the term "bag lady," which I always thought that I was.)

So now, finally, everything is contained in One.  Even the contents of my purse are all nestled together, cozy in a large side pocket.  There's room for the changing pad, extra diapers, wipes, stain spray, disposable bags to hold the dirty diapers, a wet bag to hold the dirty cloth diapers, hand sanitizing gel, two bottles of water, a nursing cover, a burp cloth, a bib, teethers and their tethers (did you catch that?), one small stuffed animal, a blanket to lay on the ground, an extra change of clothes, a tea bag of Mother's Milk tea, and my wallet, cell phone, camera, and car keys.  That's 22 items!  Sheesh!  (And I don't even have to pack sippy cups and snack traps yet!)

Honestly, I don't know how other mommies do it.  I marvel at their petite diaper bags when we're in church.  Some people have a gift for being minimalists!

Go ahead and take a peek in:

Maybe Liam won't want to take a nap in there after all!