Thursday, April 18, 2013

Playing Hide and Go Seek with Macy

Our dog is such a smartie. 

On rainy days, when we need an indoor activity to do, Macy always suggests a good game of Hide and Seek. 

Liam and I will search the whole house for her, and our girl certainly comes up with some clever places to hide!

Often, she'll choose to hide in a closet, in the bathroom, half-way under our bed, or perhaps she'll wedge herself between the rungs, under our rocker. 

But recently, she had us totally perplexed, as Liam and I had checked all her usual hiding places and STILL couldn't find her.

Where had she gone?

Finally, we found her!  Liam had noticed her fuzzy tail peeking out from under the door.  Macy was hiding behind it!  :)