Sunday, April 28, 2013

Show and Tell -- Catholic Style!

This week, Father Tcheou's class was a show and tell! 

While telling us beautiful stories, Father showed us all kinds of great artifacts used in the Sacred Liturgy and also other Sacramentals, all from his personal collection of gifts.  These special items received from family, friends, seminarians, parishioners, and other religious made up a personal "museum" of sorts!

How blessed we were to see the relics of so many holy men and women, and how interesting it was to learn about our Church's customs!  I especially loved learning about the prayer that priests recite when dressing.  And I found it so touching to learn that the mother of a priest traditionally gives the diamond from her engagement ring to be placed in her son's chalice.  I remember learning this little factoid in Catholic school, but I had forgotten!

Our classmates shared their special items as well by placing them on the tables, and after class we could browse the tables to look at all the items more closely.  What a great class.  Thank you, Father!