Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The New Play Area!

At 7.5 months old, Liam is SO CLOSE to crawling.  I'm sure if we had given him more opportunities to explore on the floor, he'd be doing it already.  But with hardwood on our first floor and our large golden retriever stomping around on it, putting our little son on the floor just hasn't been feasible...or safe.

So today, I decided to fix the problem.  I completely rearranged our upstairs guest room to now have ample space for a play area.  And I vacuumed the carpet like mad. 

The end result is a safe little corner of the world where our boy can freely explore, play, and learn.  There's a big basket of toys, another basket of stuffed animals, and a few shelves of books.

Ah, success!  The only thing left to do is to put plastic covers over the outlets.

Daddy's office area and Man Cave has now been invaded.  :)