Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Every morning, when I hear my son awake with his joyful little squeaks and squeals, I run to the nursery, scoop him up, and bring him into our bed for some lovin' and cozy time.  He plays with my nose and pulls on my hair, and I make loud zerberts on his belly which cause him to laugh heartily.  We roll around for a good 30 minutes before we REALLY start the day.  It's the best.

We might have a future dentist on our hands, though.  This morning Liam curiously scraped the tartar off my teeth with his finger nails.  He was intently focused, carefully moving from one tooth to the next, his little furrowed brow showing his deep concentration.  I began to feel self-conscious and ashamed that I don't floss more often!  But, just as I began to formulate the same apology I usually give to my dental hygienist, Liam went back into baby mode, rolling around and being a giggly-wiggly.  Oh, I love him so!