Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Acrobatics of Daddies and Sons

Dads do crazy things.  It's true.

We mamas cringe as we see our babes hoisted up to skyscraper heights with their daddy's strong arms.  Our cherub gets twirled around, hung upside down, and thrown up into the air again.

Why, why do fathers do this? 

In response, I find myself throwing a fit, a mama bear temper tantrum in full burst, fists in the air and my feet stomping.  No, no, no!!  Put him down!  Swear to me that you'll never do that again!!

Try as we mamas might to get our men to stop, our kiddos somehow off-set our anger with fits of belly laughter while it's happening, an obvious sign of loving every moment of it.

And Daddy, therefore, is reinforced. 

I give up.

Here's to fathers and sons enjoying themselves, in a way that we women will never understand!!

Can't we save this for when he's old enough to really hold on?!

Liam is, I admit, loving every second.

Stop bouncing, Daddy!  That boy's gonna spill his milk!

Ah, this grip is so much safer.  Mama loves this!