Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sign and Sing!

Liam continues to love his Sign Language & Story Time class.  It's held at a local public library, and when we go, we get out to hang out with our friend Carter and his wonderful mama Erin.  After singing and signing, after reading stories, and after dancing with flow-y scarves, it was time to simply PLAY WITH TOYS!  Grandma and Grandpa arrived on the scene just in time to give our boy some lovin' after class.  Here's a few pictures from our time together!

Carter (Liam's personal wardrobe designer) with his mama, Erin
Is that Grandma and Grandpa we see out the window?

Yes, it was!  Now maybe if we look out the window again, we'll spot more family members coming to see us!

Oh well.  Nobody else.  But Grandma and Grandpa will do just fine!!

The grand finale:  endless toys to play with!