Friday, May 31, 2013

Staying Hydrated

Bottles can be confusing when you haven't used one before.  This was Liam, two days ago, looking confused, in between moments where he chewed the heck out of that rubber nipple.

On these hot days, especially after our walks in the sunshine, I've been so eager to make sure he's well hydrated.  And since we've given up on sippy cups for the time being and need to figure out the bottle first, I found myself loading up syringes and squirting them into his mouth periodically, just to make sure.

I kinda reminded myself of my father, who, I remember, was asking me every two minutes if I wanted water when I was in a 4th of July parade as a toddler.  I can still see him now, holding up that video camera in one hand and holding a big pitcher of water in the other.  I began to wonder, "I wonder why I don't feel thirsty?  Dad seems to think I should be.  Hmm."  It's funny the things you so clearly remember from childhood.  :)

But yesterday, finally, our boy mastered The Bottle for the first time!  I demonstrated and he followed this time, and when he got the hang of it, his eyes widened in happy surprise.  Hooray!

After a few too many enthusiastic sucks, though, he was coughing from water having gone down the wrong pipe.  Poor kid. We'll get the hang of this very soon.  :)

In the meantime, I hope all of you have a blessed weekend.  Stay hydrated.  It's hot out there!