Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Time to Party.

Last Friday, we needed to celebrate. 

I'm a strong proponent of the regular occurrence of party-throwing.  It just makes people happier.  And I love entertaining.  Nothing makes me happier than a crowded house and the aftermath of a messy kitchen.  To me, these are signs of living well.  :)

Thankfully, God matched me up with a husband who tempers this desire of mine, which saves us time, from the likelihood of going into debt, and from the pressure to perform that I would then put on myself.  Michael prefers small-scale celebrations. 

And so, last Friday, I figured it was high-time for one.

Michael has been working SO HARD and accomplishing SO MANY THINGS (both professionally and academically), that I wanted to honor him with a special meal.  So I texted him this appetizer:  "Get ready for a special celebratory dinner this evening."

I invited my parents over, and at 7 PM we all feasted on a brand new recipe that I had converted from a rather complex process into a very easy one, which I lovingly call Toss-Everything-Into-the-Crock-Pot-And-See-What-Happens.

The aroma met my husband outside before he even walked in.  And the result was indeed edible: a highly flavorful, very savory Lamb Tagine.

Here's the yummy ingredients.  I don't think I've ever cooked with so many spices before!  I skipped the saffron 'cuz one pinch of that costs a whopping $13.99.  And the water and cornstarch would only be used if you wanted to thicken the gravy.

Was it spicy?  Only a little bit so.  My parents, who usually don't like things to be spicy at all, loved it.

After dinner, we broke out the boardgames, including one hand-made by Dad!  Dad schooled us in Pig and craps, and we had an immensely fun time.  We all stayed up way past our bedtimes!