Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Father's Day Photo Gift

Last night I did a children's photo session and had so much fun.   This will make for a happy dad and grandfather on Father's Day, I hope!

Theresa is such a creative mom.  She wanted to pose the children of the family with letters to spell DAD, POP, and PAPI.   So she cut letters out of cardboard and spray-painted them black.  And she got double use of the letter "P," for it worked as a lower case "d," when flipped upside down!

Lively kids always make for the most fun.  And we had so much of it! :)
Here's a proud Grandma with her grandchildren...

Collin loved being in front of the camera.  :)

And he's so proud of his baby brother Logan.

Emily was absolutely precious!

Ryan was giggly and wiggly and always on the move!

Logan found me entertaining.  I just know it.  He watched me more closely than all the others, and he always had this slight, bemused smile as he observed me wave and make goofy sounds, all to get the perfect shot.  He was probably thinking, "This woman conducts herself so unlike anybody else!!"
Spontaneous moments of affection are the best!  I love Logan's surprised look!

Father's Day is this weekend.  Get ready to shower Dad with the blessings he deserves!  :)