Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Newly Engaged!

My dear friend Marian recently became engaged to a wonderful man named Zachary!  Their love for God and one another is like another chapter in the Song of Songs!  Please pray for this wonderful couple as they begin to prepare for the sacrament of marriage.  Miss West is soon to become Mrs. Veilleux!  (How lucky is she to be getting such a cool-sounding French name?!)

Marian and I have birthdays beside one another on the calendar.  Hers is May 30th, and mine is May 31st.  This great news broke on my birthday.  :)

Of course, we had to celebrate...with some joyful dancing.  On went the record player!

Dancing with Grandmom!

My Aunt Tess filled Grandmom's house with little congratulatory notes.

And Liam congratulated her, too.  This was their heart-to-heart conversation.

Liam gave his approval of Zachary.

What great news to celebrate on the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus!
We are so happy for you, Marian.  Zachary has chosen well!