Monday, June 17, 2013

The Sacred Heart of Jesus Doll

Only God could have planned it that, on the eve of the Feast of the Sacred Heart, this beautiful hand-made doll from Huggie Saints arrived in the mail.

Huggie Saints is one of the fantastic sponsors of this blog, and although I loved all the pieces that Penny had for sale, I felt compelled to ask her to please make a custom doll for us... one of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  She was thrilled with the commission!

On the night that the doll arrived, I immediately composed a long email to her.  I had so much to say that I ended up making a numbered list for her.  Here's what I gushed:



I have to email you again and tell you how much I simply LOVE this doll. Here are the things I love about it:

1. The puffy, bright yellow halo is sooooo cute! It's thickness makes it cartoon-y, and I love that!!

2. I like how you made his facial hair go around his mouth but not over it. It is nice because it accentuates Jesus' kind smile.

3. His face is so sweet and peaceful. Then again, ALL of your precious saint dolls have wonderful expressions!

4. The slight irregularities in it are absolutely endearing. What I mean by this is... it is definitely handmade with love. The fact that one eye is a few millimeters higher than the other and the fact that the smile is ever-so-slightly more on one side of the face instead of smack-dab in the middle make is just so pleasant and appealing to me.

5. I love that you chose his interior robe to be a cream color instead of bright white. It is softer on the eyes and contrasts nicely with the white around the heart.

6. The detail in the Sacred Heart is incredible. The white rays of light emanating from it frame the heart so beautifully. The yellow flame, little cross, and thorns encircling the heart are perfect.

7. Everything is so neatly sewn! The details are intricate and all of your stitching is so careful and clean.

8. I noticed the little red patch on the posterior, and I know my son will LOVE that. I know you explained that this patch is to represent a vow of poverty, but it is so endearing to me!! My son is 9 months old and right now his little fingers delight in picking up tiny things. Whether it's a piece of dried grass that he found on our living room floor or a dog hair that is stuck to his arm, HE LOVES carefully and gently picking up and/or picking at the item. His fine motor skills are newly developed and this just thrills him. So, I am certain that he is going to find that little red patch when I give him this doll tomorrow, and he is going to LOVE it. He will be so intently focused on that and all the details of this doll. I'm so excited to present it to him when he wakes up tomorrow.  And tomorrow is the Feast of the Sacred Heart!!

9. The cloth you chose is so SOFT!

10. The stuffing amount is just perfect!

11. And the size of the doll is ideal. It's the perfect size for my son to hug, both now and in the years to come.

12. The bag you wrapped it in with the cute bow was so much fun to unwrap!

13. I love the little card you included, explaining the feast day of the Sacred Heart!

14. When my son outgrows this doll or no longer wants it, I will be the one who will be taking it to bed with me!! I like it so much that I'd gladly have it for myself! Haha.

We'll be saying all our night prayers with this doll. :)

AND...I can't wait to take the doll along with us to Mass this weekend. I know we will get a lot of comments and questions, and I will direct people to your page!

Thank you again!

Liam was delighted with the doll as soon as I presented it to him!

What a special way to celebrate the Feast Day of Jesus' Sacred Heart!

If you'd like to give the gift of a plush, huggable saint, angel, or Jesus Himself to a child in your life, visit the Huggie Saint Dolls website.  Be sure to tell Penny that I sent ya!  :)

And happy belated feast day to you all!