Monday, June 17, 2013

The Little Wooden Statues

Look at what my dear friend Britta blessed me with on my birthday! 

These precious, hand-painted (by her!) wooden statues arrived on my exact day.  Do you recognize anybody in particular?

I was so touched!!  I love how she captured so many details of our little family. 

Liam is wearing the green cloth diaper that he wore for the world-record-breaking event, The Great Cloth Diaper Change of 2013.  I love how you can clearly see the little white plastic snaps on his diaper.  So true to real life!  He's wearing an orange T-shirt because Britta knows that orange and green are my favorite colors to see him in.  And his wide gummy smile and little tufts of hair are just perfect!

Michael is, of course, holding a golf club, all ready to make the perfect shot.  He has a shirt and pants just like that, and the stubble on his face and his closed-mouth smile are so realistic! 

I, on the other hand, have a big, toothy smile and squint-y eyes.  I love how my emerald green ChewBeads necklace is represented, with it hanging slightly off-center, no doubt because Liam recently had a hold of it.  Hooray for a striped shirt!  And I'm thrilled that The Yellow Cardigan is now forever memorialized, since it is a staple of my wardrobe that she has probably never seen me without.  And, remember, she now has a yellow cardigan, too, as I have convinced her of the necessity of wearing one whenever possible!

But our little family of three weren't the only ones in the decorated birthday box that arrived.  Also arriving to our home were these amazing folks:  our patron saints!

That's my beloved St. Catherine Laboure, Liam's namesake St. William, and Michael's arch angel that shares the same name!  And, lest we forget who we or they are, all names are beautifully written on the lower back of each statue.

Could these treasures be any more sweet?  They are instant family heirlooms, a perfect blend of family and faith.  Her creativity and talent amazes me!

Oh, Britta, thank you.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!