Friday, July 19, 2013

Illinois Visits Pennsylvania!

We had some great people from Illinois come to visit us.  What a treat!

The state of Illinois will always be special to me.  It's where I spent the first half of my childhood and where so many beautiful memories were made.  And it's with these people that we made so many of them!

St. Catherine Laboure School was where I attended, and I met Katy there, when we were both newbies in kindergarten.  Through our friendship, our mothers became friends, and then our fathers, too.  And, before long, we were having Thanksgiving at their house and loving them like family. 

We've missed the Dautels ever since we left Illinois in 1990, but they visited us in 1996 and again here in 2013.  This time, though, it was just Katy's parents:  her wonderful mother Toni and her devoted step-father Randy.

Katy and I keep in touch through Facebook, and I had fun sharing these recent photos with her:

Katy's mom and my Dad, having fun with their Apple technology!
Note the hashtag on my father's t-shirt:  #proudgrandpa

On our walk to have lunch downtown, Randy kept Liam from getting a sunburn!
Thanks, Toni, for taking these pictures of us!  If only Michael could have been with us!

 And, Katy, you were with us in spirit!