Monday, July 29, 2013

Our New Friends from Spain

Earlier this week, Father O'Blaney asked Michael and me if we'd help welcome a new young family from Spain into our church family.  "Maybe you could invite them to sit with you at mass," he suggested.  "I think you'll find you have a lot in common with them."

Of course, we said yes.  And soon we were to discover just how right Father was.

After a few days of emailing, Mercedes and her husband Pau met us in the lobby before the 9 AM mass.  Like us, they arrived just in the nick of time, during the processional song.  And like us, they had a wiggly, giggly, vocal baby.   His name was Bernat, and he was exceptionally cute.

All six of us seemed to click immediately, there in that little glass crying room, even though there was little time, initially, to talk.  Our boys were on the floor, sharing books and toys and baby banter.

With brief whispers during lower parts of the mass, Mercedes and I empathized about the joys (the miracle of life! indescribable love!) and sacrifices (sleepless nights! unexpected biting during breastfeeding!) of motherhood.

Michael and Pau were oddly similar in temperament, and it wasn't long before they were chatting about the European economy after the church had cleared out.  Having lived so long in Europe (and having loved every second of it), Michael seemed thrilled to find somebody who could finally relate and talk intelligently about it.

We parted that morning with a promise to hang out again soon.   What a delightful time it was meeting this beautiful family!  Only the Holy Spirit could have orchestrated it.  :)

Merce, Pau, and Bernie:  Welcome to America!