Monday, August 26, 2013

A Visit from Aunt Cindy, Maeve, and Natalie

This was our beautiful Wednesday last week...

Liam was SO THRILLED to play with his Aunt Cindy and cousins!

Maeve was such a careful driver!

Natalie and Liam loved the ride!

Liam loved sharing his favorite playground activity with the girls!

Natalie basks in the sun, confident in her mother's application of sunscreen.  Liam?  He's not so sure about his mama's coverage...

Swinging with cousin Maeve!  I love that tuft of hair he has!!

Tender moments in the flower garden...

Who's walking whom?

Hold on tightly!

Feeling the love from his doting cousins!
 Thanks, Aunt Cindy, Maeve, and Natalie for a great visit!!!  Please come again soon!