Monday, August 26, 2013

Marian and Zachary's Engagement Party

I forgot how much I LOVE parties.

Marian and Zachary's engagement party was 1940s-themed, and I couldn't wait to get out and stay out on a Friday night.

For a few hours, away went our responsibilities as parents, and we forgot all about things like bathtubs, board books, and bedtimes.

That's not to say we could ever forgot about BEING parents.  This we love and could never forget, so we took our precious boy with us, and he rolled with the punches, socializing just as much as we did.

Yes, the bathtub, board books, and bedtime were the farthest things from his mind also!

If I were still single and zesty with my spendage of money, I would have surely combed through a few dozen vintage shops until I found the perfect 1940s dress to wear.  But, since the word BUDGET comes to mind now just as often as bathtubs, board books, and bedtimes, my little navy blue dress would have to do.

Marian's oldest brother Soren and his wife Karen hosted the party in their beautiful home, and they thought of every detail.  There was great music piped into every room, delicious homemade goodies to nibble on, and every corner was filled with a friendly person to chat with.  I couldn't walk more than two steps before I was engaged in another fun conversation.  :)

Soren and Karen made a heartfelt toast to the future bride and groom!

The beautiful Marian-flower with Renee and Faith

I didn't want to go home.  In fact, I confess that I hid for a short time (behind the piano) when my husband said he'd be right back after rounding up our things for the departure home.

But our son, who plays a clever game of hide-and-seek, found me quickly.  And, as we walked to our car and talked about whether or not Liam should be allowed to skip his bath that night (we let him skip it), I realized anew that the tradeoff of partying for parenthood is worth taking!

Congratulations again, Marian and Zachary.  Your love inspires all of us!!  I can't wait for your beautiful wedding!